Maastricht has plenty to interest you in terms of gastronomy, because nearly every cuisine has at least one restaurant here. From Mediterranean and Asian specialities to local delights and from Michelin-starred restaurants to traditional Maastricht working-class pubs, the countless restaurants offer hospitality and quality for every budget. A few restaurants listed below are recommended by the locals of Maastricht.


Please visit the website of the local tourist office for more information about the restaurants in Maastricht;


Enjoy the flavours of Maastricht.

Chateau Neercanne (1 Michelin star)
Restaurant Chateau Neercanne has a rich cultural and culinary tradition. The kitchen and restaurant brigade, guarantees a memorable gastronomic experience. They will present you with delicious culinary creations and carefully selected wine. The wine cellar in the candlelit caves makes a beautiful setting for an aperitif. The terrace at the front of the Chateau, with a view of the park, invites guests to dine outdoors in good weather. Note: closed on Mondays / reservation up front is required.

Chateau Neercanne
Von Dopfflaan 10
6213 NG Maastricht

Tout à Fait (1 Michelin star)
This restaurant is located right in the middle of the historical centre of Maastricht, near Our Lady’s Square (Onze Lieve Vrouweplein). The restaurant consists of three attractive levels, a separate section for the aperitif and two restaurant sections, one of them with a view of the open kitchen. Inspired by the seasons, Patron-Cuisinier Bart Ausems surprises you with subtle combinations of tradition and originality. Note: closed for dinner on Mondays and Tuesdays / reservation up front is required.

Tout a Fait
St. Bernardusstraat 16-18
6211 HL, Maastricht

Wine restaurant Mes Amis
Feel welcomed as a friend to wine restaurant mes amis. Host Annaline, a passionate wine expert knows how to find the perfect one to accompany your dish. She loves the wines made in Limburg. As an ambassador of the Limburg winemakers she will pour the pearls of the South in your glass. Enjoy a private dinner with friends, family or colleagues? Be welcome at the cozy private dining room on the first floor of the historic building on Tongersestraat, 2 minutes away from the Vrijthof Square. Please note, the restaurant is closed on Tuesday. Note: reservation up front is required.

Mes Amis
Tongersestraat 5
6211 LL Maastricht

Restaurant Bijzonder
We focus on a healthy lifestyle. In our restaurant you enjoy guilty free food 😉 Everything is home-made, from our (gluten-free) bread to the oven-baked sweet potato lasagna or the well-filled beef meatloaf. Vegetables are priority at Bijzonder, which means that vegetarians and vegans have already found their way to our restaurant. But feel free to bring your meat-loving company with you;). We created some good flavoured dishes too. Note: closed for dinner on Mondays and Tuesdays / reservation up front is required.

Restaurant Bijzonder
Luikerweg 33
6212 ET Maastricht
+31 (0)43 311 0003

We shop for our ingredients each morning, inspecting everything for freshness, look, and feel. Our belief is that all flavours must be pure and unadulterated, with a presentation to match. That is the epitome of great food. And it's not just the Italians who understand the importance of presentation. Mediterraneo serves delicious dishes in a relaxing setting. Note: closed on Sundays and Mondays / reservation up front is required.

Rechtstraat 73
6221 EH, Maastricht

Brasserie FLO
Brasserie FLO Maastricht is an excellent location for culinary lovers of the French kitchen. The French ambience combined with the modern look and great French food, makes this location the place for a perfect night out. The menu offers typical French dishes with original culinary creations and an extensive selection of the best oysters, shellfish and champagne.

Brasserie FLO maastricht
Stationsstraat 28
6221 BR Maastricht

Located in a stately building on the elegant Wycker Brugstraat in the exciting district of Wyck, known as the 'Petit Paris' of Maastricht. Harry's is an international brasserie which is open for lunch and dinner seven days a week, and for brunch on Sundays. They offer timeless brasserie classics prepared using the very best ingredients. Harry's serves unpretentious food and beverages in a relaxed, comfortable setting. The restaurant is part of Hotel Beaumont and it's recommended to reserve a table up front.

Wycker Brugstraat 2
6221 EC Maastricht

't Pakhoes
This lovely restaurant is situated in the "Wyck" district nearby the river Maas. Located in an old warehouse. In our unique kitchen, we make dishes that people specifically come for, such as skate, cod, Australian beef fillet, Lamb chops. Exceptional things that you would not eat at home because too much work is involved. Our guest can sense our enthusiasm. Please note, the restaurant is closed on Sundays / It's recommended to reserve a table up front.

't Pakhoes
Waterpoort 4-6
6221 GB Maastricht

Eetcafé Céramique
Passion for food is the  feeling they would like to share with you. Eetcafé Céramique offers a large selection of vegetarian dishes and as organic as possible. The most important thing of their meal is the origin of the ingredients. Surprise yourself!

Eetcafé Céramique
Rechtstraat 78
6221 EL Maastricht

De Brandweer (fire station)
Till the mid 90's this was a fire station. Since 2015 it is a place where you can eat and relax. The restaurant serves biologica and local food. Please note, the restaurant is closed on Mondays / It's recommended to reserve a table up front.

Capucijnenstraat 21
6211 RN Maastricht
+31(0)43 852 2229

Steakhouse Carnal
You can find this restaurant in the Wyck district, the trendy city part of Maastricht. Carnal means relaxed enjoyment in an atmospheric restaurant. Steakhouse Carnal serves state of the art grill dishes like Entre Cote, Rib Eye and Spare Ribs. Except steak, the kitchen prepares various meat, fish and vegetarian dishes.

Steakhouse Carnal
Wycker Brugstraat 35
6221 EB Maastricht

Eetcafé Rilette
Rillette comes from the French word rillettes, which is derived from "rille" (piece of pork). The base of the kitchen consists of homemade pesto and fresh products originate largely in the southern cuisine, like delicious rillettes of duck. Please note, it's recommended to reserve a table up front.

Eetcafé Rilette
Sint Pieterstraat 54
6211 JP Maastricht

Il Bacaro
A real Italian "bar e cucina" (bar and kitchen) restaurant situated at the famous Vrijthof Square. Il Bacaro offers a great Italian food experience with a small Maastricht touch. If you are looking for a good Italian dish, this is the place to go.

Il Bacaro
Vrijthof 16E
6211 LD Maastricht

Pieke Potloed
Pieke Potloed is located in the heart of Maastricht. From the outside, it is a lovely, authentic café on a charming side street in the middle of the city centre. Restaurant Pieke Potloed serves typical local dishes like the authentic unnesop (onion soup) topped with melted cheese, zoervleis (meat stew) and knien in ‘t zoer (marinated rabbit), and generous portions of satay. Everything is prepared according to authentic, traditional methods. If you are looking for an informal and local dining experience, this is the restaurant to go.

Pieke Potloed
Sporenstraat 5
6211 EB Maastricht