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Bruker is enabling scientists to make breakthrough discoveries and develop new applications that improve the quality of human life. Bruker is enabling innovation, improved productivity and customer success in life science molecular research, in applied and pharma applications, in microscopy and nanoanalysis, and in industrial applications, as well as in cell biology, preclinical imaging, clinical phenomics and proteomics research and clinical microbiology. Bruker Daltonics, a division of the Bruker Corporation, provides cutting edge mass spectrometry solutions which include MALDI-TOF, UHR-QTOF, Ion Traps, MRMS as well as LC and GC systems to solve the most demanding analytical questions presented to these markets today.

For more information, please visit: www.bruker.com

Waters Corporation creates business advantages for laboratory-dependent organizations by delivering scientific innovation to enable customers to make significant advancements. Waters helps customers make profound discoveries, optimize laboratory operations, deliver product performance, and ensure regulatory compliance with a connected portfolio of separations and analytical science, laboratory informatics, mass spectrometry, as well as thermal analysis.

For more information, please visit: www.waters.com

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Thermo Scientific is one of the premier brands of Thermo Fisher Scientific, the world leader in serving science, which offers a complete range of high-end mass spectrometry solutions as well as other analytical instruments, laboratory equipment, software, services, consumables and reagents to help solve analytical challenges from routine testing to complex research and discovery.

Our global team delivers an unrivaled combination of innovative technologies and services through our industry-leading mass spectrometry solutions including Orbitrap™,  ion trap, single and triple quadrupole LC-MS systems as well as GC-MS, IC-MS and Isotope Ratio MS instruments combined with proven application-specific software to provide sensitive and reliable qualitative and quantitative analysis of complex samples.

Our next generation Thermo Scientific LC-MS systems deliver on ease of use without sacrificing high performance. A unified instrument architecture enables same performance accessories between systems, facilitates easier method transfer and accelerates familiarization for new users. Intelligence-driven systems enable the highest quality MS data for increased confidence. Pre-defined experimental conditions and streamlined data processing software, algorithms and libraries address the most challenging research and routine applications. Our Orbitrap LC-MS technology is the recognized standard for accurate mass and high-resolution measurement and is the platform of choice for the most confident protein and metabolite identification, characterization and quantitation. Orbitrap technology routinely delivers the high-resolution and accurate mass (HRAM) results necessary to reduce analysis times and increase confidence. Combined with superior dynamic range and unsurpassed sensitivity, Orbitrap platforms are the only technology capable of providing all benefits at the same time, without compromise.
For more information, please visit: https://www.thermofischer.com/orbitrap
Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: A) is a global leader in life sciences, diagnostics, and applied chemical markets, delivering insight and innovation toward improving the quality of life. Agilent instruments, software, services, solutions, and people provide trusted answers to customers' most challenging questions. The company generated revenue of $5.34 billion in fiscal 2020 and employs 16,400 people worldwide. Information about Agilent is available at www.agilent.com.
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For more information, please visit: https://www.agilent.com/

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Shimadzu Corporation is a global leader in analytical instrumentation embracing diverse applied & research markets and in medical imaging. Shimadzu has been pioneering numerous analytical tools and is helping, since decades, the penetration of Mass Spectrometry (GCMS, LCMS, MALDI) as routine analyzer. 


Our engineers constantly reimagine mass spectrometry, look to ingenious ways to embrace revolution and evolution in our product designs and find new ways of delivering better answers. Welcome to the future! 


Join us at IMSC-2022 to find out more and talk to one of our experts.


More information about Mass Spectrometry: https://www.shimadzu.eu/mass-spectrometry


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SCIEX helps to improve the world we live in by enabling scientists and laboratory analysts to find answers to the complex analytical challenges they face. The company's global leadership and world-class service and support in the capillary electrophoresis and liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry industry have made it a trusted partner to thousands of the scientists and lab analysts worldwide who are focused on basic research, drug discovery and development, food and environmental testing, forensics and clinical research.

With over 40 years of proven innovation, SCIEX excels by listening to and understanding the ever-evolving needs of its customers to develop reliable, sensitive and intuitive solutions that continue to redefine what is achievable in routine and complex analysis.

For more information, please visit https://sciex.com


ASI produces hybrid-pixel detectors specialized for a broad range of analytical imaging techniques in fundamental physics, materials science and life science research. Our detectors are based on the Medipix/Timepix sensor ASIC developed and by CERN. Our detectors offer unprecedented performance, with attributes including single particle sensitivity, noiseless detection, event-based time stamping, wide dynamic range, and ultra-fast frame rates.

For more information, please visit https://www.amscins.com
Refeyn, the mass photometry pioneer, offers new capabilities to characterise the function, structural composition and dynamics of biomolecules. Refeyn instruments measure the mass of individual molecules directly in solution, quickly and simply revealing the true behaviour of molecules in near-native environments. The diverse applications of mass photometry include quantitative analysis of sample purity and homogeneity, biomolecular complex assembly and disassembly, the strength and kinetics of molecular interactions, and more. Refeyn was spun out of Oxford University in 2018 to make mass photometry available globally. Its technology has now been rapidly adopted across academia and industry, where it is transforming biomolecular characterisation.  The TwoMP, Refeyn’s mass photometer, brings the technology into everyday laboratory life, enabling molecular measurements with unprecedented speed and simplicity. It uses proprietary technology to detect the light scattered by single molecules in solution, delivering label-free mass measurements over a broad mass range with high precision and exquisite sensitivity.

For more information, please visit https://www.refeyn.com
MS Wil supports a wide product range in the field of general mass spectrometry with a special focus to proteomics, starting as the first distributor of nanoESI emitters in Europe back in 2002.
Later products lines of Phoenix S&T (nano-scale column ovens and ion sources), ESI Source Solutions (ABird, Capillary Polishing station), NewOmics, Pepsep, CoAnn (prepacked columns and emitters) were added. With Proteoform (purification kits) and Promise Proteomics (SIL-proteins), MS Wil entered the field of sample prep solutions.
To overcome the emitter supply challenges of the Covid-19-period we found a partner in CoAnn to supply pulled emitters and fritted SelfPack columns.
Next to Proteomics tools, MS Wil supplies MS parts (including detectors and filaments) and database solutions from Wiley and NIST for a wide range of MS systems and applications. Have a look at https://www.mswil.com/ to see how can assist you in Making Science Work.

The Netherlands X-omics Initiative is a National Roadmap Large-Scale Research Infrastructure, partially funded by NWO with a total budget of 40 million euro.

X-omics aims to establish a X-omics research infrastructure across the Netherlands, by combining technologies in the field of genomics, proteomics, metabolomics and data analysis, integration & stewardship. With this infrastructure biomedical problems can be solved using an integrated approach.

Two major goals are:

1. Advance X-omics technologies far beyond state-of-art,

2. Realize an integrated X-omics infrastructure in the Netherlands.

A central helpdesk has been created to provide access to all the services of the facilities involved in the X-omics research infrastructure. Via this helpdesk, researchers can request genomics, proteomics, metabolomics and data analysis, integration & stewardship services or get into contact with experts for advice on multi-omics approaches.

A proof of principle of the X-omics approach will be provided by starting 3 demonstrator projects on different levels (cellular, individual and population). 

During the project, training schools will be set up for new ‘omics’ users and for ‘omics’ practitioners.

To allow communications between the users of the infrastructure a X-omics community will be established. This community will interact via meetings, newsletters and social media.



ionBench® is internationnaly recognised as the leading expert in standard and custom designed mass spectrometry laboratory furniture. 
 Our products are manufactured to ease the day-to-day use of your LC/GC/ICP/MS systems. We provide many features and accessories that greatly improve working environments.

Our MS Bench are purposely designed with integrated noise reduction enclosures for mass spec vacuum pumps together with vibration dampening systems and overheating temperature alarms. All benches are delivered ready assembled. You simply need to unpack your bench and wheel it to its final location ready to go

Our height-adjustable mobile LC bench that can be placed close to a mass spectrometer to minimize the dead volume between the LC and the MS. Height adjustability is a perfect feature to minimize risk while changing a solvent bottle. This design of mobile bench will increase the safety and flexibility of your laboratory.

ionBench® products are compatible with all major Mass Spectrometry Original Equipment Manufacturers such as :
 Agilent, Analytik-Jena, Bruker, Gerstel, Leco, PerkinElmer, Sciex, Shimadzu, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Waters.

Revolutionizing Protein Higher Order Structural Analysis


GenNext provides instrumentation, software, and services to investigate biopharmaceutical structure, interactions, folding, aggregation, formulation, and delivery. Our disruptive offerings help customers accelerate biopharmaceutical development, while improving therapeutic efficacy and safety.


The Flash Oxidation (Fox™) Protein Footprinting System is the world’s only benchtop platform available for Hydroxyl Radical Protein Footprinting (HRPF) studies. The Fox System easily performs all the HRPF-based HOS studies that previously required complicated, expensive, and dangerous laser or beamline sources. With its simple workflow and integrated FoxWare™ Software, the results are on par with the most advanced, difficult, and expensive HOS techniques. 
The application of Fox technology is continuously expanding with customers generating valuable insights from drug-binding, mAb therapeutics, conformational analysis, biosimilar assessment, expression/harvest optimization, aggregation, thermal stability, and formulation studies.


Using the Fox approach, you can realize massive savings in time and money, experience robust and reproducible data generation and analysis, and enjoy a much simplified and faster workflow.  www. gnxtech.com

MS Vision – truly independent mass spec service MS Vision was established in 2004 to provide first-class support to the Mass Spectrometry community: maintenance, repair service, qualification, relocation and application support for mass spectrometry systems from Waters, Sciex and Thermo Fisher. As a truly independent company MS Vision can offer support and hardware in a flexible and cost-effective way through our team of highly skilled experts. With engineers in several countries in Europe we serve our customers in food control, pharma, biopharma, academia and governmental labs all over Europe and are at home where you are. Whether you have 1 instrument or 20, from one vendor or a mixed setup, contact us to discuss the best possible service solution for you and how we can make your daily work easier! MS Vision – the native MS specialists Since many years, MS Vision is known as a prime supplier of dedicated high mass/native ESI instrumentation. We have built our own know-how and R&D and our in-depth knowledge on electronics and ion physics sets us apart from other service providers. We do not only provide service for your instrument but we also offer a wide array of instrument hardware modifications such as high mass and ECD upgrades which allow users to get the most out of their instrumentation. Our aim is to make you more successful by enabling you to get the best out of your system – by excellent service, training, hardware upgrades and additional tools around mass spectrometry! 

Fasmatech is a high technology SME focused on mass spectrometry and ion mobility instrumentation design and development and has delivered an impressive range of unique prototype platforms to academic and research institutions across Europe. With a steadily growing interdisciplinary team of scientists connecting different branches of science, Fasmatech can offer high-end custom-engineering solutions extending from the world of experimental physics to the field of life sciences supported by state-of-the-art electronics and software. An arsenal of proprietary ion optical solutions combined with extensive know-how is available and includes high performance RF ion trap systems coupled to high resolution orthogonal Time-of-Flight mass analyzers, RF transfer lines, quadrupole mass filters, gas dynamically optimized inlets, ionization sources, molecular beam interfaces, electron sources/optics and RF drift cell technology for ion mobility separations. Fasmatech has recently introduced the OmnitrapTM platform accomplishing new levels in protein characterization. The Omnitrap is currently considered as the most advanced fragmentation cell in mass spectrometry instrumentation and is offered as an add-on to OrbitrapTM mass spectrometers or as part of the extensive customized instrumentation portfolio based on Time-of-Flight technology. To support the unique performance capabilities of the Omnitrap technology, Fasmatech is developing new bioinformatics tools based on novel de novo sequencing algorithms dedicated to top-down proteomics. 

ACD/Labs is a leading provider of scientific software to R&D organizations. We help our customers assemble digitized analytical, structural, and molecular information for effective decision-making, problem-solving, and product lifecycle control. Our enterprise technologies enable automation of molecular characterization, product development, and facilitate chemically intelligent knowledge management, data analytics, and collaboration—within organizations and between partners. ACD/Labs solutions are used in a variety of industries including pharma/biotech, chemicals, consumer goods, agrochemicals, petrochemicals, and academic/government institutions. We provide worldwide sales and support, and bring >25 years of experience and success helping organizations innovate and create efficiencies in their workflows. (www.acdlabs.com) 

Molecular Horizon srl is an innovative startup founded in 2017 and based in Bettona (PG), green heart of Italy. The company mission involves the design and development of IT solutions and data strategy for applications in chemistry, pharmaceutical chemistry, and biotechnology. In recent years, Molecular Horizon developed two software for mass spectrometry imaging lipidomics applications: LipostarMSI (https://www.molhorizon.it/software/lipostarmsi/) and Pyxis (https://www.molhorizon.it/software/pyxis/). Molecular Horizon offers consultancy in the fields of chemometrics, drug design, and lipidomics, as well as experimental services in the study of the metabolic stability, impurity detection, molecular structural identification. Thanks to the highly specialized team, Molecular Horizon takes part in national and international research consortia, addressing the most challenging research questions in the fields of life sciences, digital health, drug design and discovery. The underlying strategy is the constant and synergic integration of three main research lines: 1. Platform Design and Development for data storage and handling, databases query, and physical-chemical properties predictions by means of cloud computing technology; 2. Lipidomics and Medicinal Chemistry for the design and development of novel compounds guided by lipidomic investigations; 3. Drug Design and Molecular Modelling for the development of in silico models of target receptors, virtual screenings and selection of promising pharmaceutical candidates to be synthesised and optimized. 

GL Sciences is a Japanese manufacturer, specialised in Chromatography instruments and consumables. Founded in 1968, GL Sciences is best known for production of Inertsil, InertSustain and InertCap chromatography columns. GL Sciences offers a broad range of analytical columns for your method development or quality control. Next to that we also produce Proteomics related consumables, Gas sampling solutions and SPE materials.

GL Sciences Europe is situated in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. Not only do we supply these beforementioned consumables for the European Market, we also produce and develop the OPTIC, a unique Multi Mode Inlet for Gas Chromatography. The OPTIC is the only commercially available unit that can heat with 60°C/sec. As a result you can do cold injections using the OPTIC, which results in having sharper peaks. Other than that the OPTIC can also assist with:

  • Split and Splitless mode
  • Large Volume Injection (LVI)
  • On-Column Injection
  • Pyrolysis
  • Cryogenic Trapping

New is that the OPTIC is now available with IMS as well, learn all about it at our booth.

Please visit our booth for more information about GL Sciences! More details can be found on our website: www.glsciences.eu

We make Electrospray Ionization for Mass Spectrometry, proteomics, metabolomics, and volatilomics.

We are experts in electro-fluidic mechanics and we make the finest ionization systems at the service of molecular biology scientists.

o             At Evosep we aim to improve quality of life and patient care by radically innovating how protein based clinical diagnostics are performed, initially through collaborations with world-leading scientists about developing new technologies and solutions to make sample separation 10 times faster and 100 times more robust than todays’ alternatives.

o             Proteomics is about the study of proteins in a biological mechanism, both their individual function and their combined interactions. For clinical proteomics the goal is to be able to quickly and efficiently compare a biological sample against a profile panel of selected proteins in order to deliver a diagnose / verdict of healthy or diseased (within given statistical margins). Such a profile is typically called a biomarker and for official approval, it must be demonstrated successfully on a large population.

o             This calls for fast sample processing and because such clinical samples, in the form of blood or biopsies, are much more crude that the relatively clean cell cultures used in basic research, very robust protocols and consumables are also required.

At Biognosys, we believe that deep proteome insights hold the key to breakthrough discoveries that can dramatically improve human health. We enable life science researchers and drug hunters to look at the proteome from every angle with our versatile portfolio of proprietary next-generation proteomics services, software, and kits, including the TrueDiscovery™, TrueTarget™, and TrueSignature™ platforms and flagship software Spectronaut™. These solutions provide a multi-dimensional view of protein expression, function, and structure in all biological species and sample types. Biognosys’ unique, patented technologies utilize high-resolution mass spectrometry to quantify thousands of proteins across thousands of samples with industry-leading precision, depth, and throughput. Through advanced data analytics, Biognosys translates data into actionable insights for R&D and clinical research. For more information, visit biognosys.com.

Syft Technologies develops and manufactures the proprietary technology “Selected Ion Flow Tube Mass Spectrometry (SIFT-MS)” for real-time quantitative analysis of volatile organic compounds (VOC) and permanent gases in food, flavour, pharma, environment, consumer goods, material testing and cleanroom applications. 


The technology is based on soft-CI with the choice of eight selectable reagent ions. These reactants exhibit a significant variety of ion-molecule reactions and react in a different way with each compound, and thus enhance specificity and allow detection of a wide range of VOC, including the separation of isomers. Utilizing a library of more than 1500 compounds with known rate coefficients, the software identifies the analytes and instantaneously calculates each analyte’s absolute concentration from the specific reagent and product ion count rates. This enables real-time monitoring of dynamic processes or high-throughput lab analysis without the need for sample preparation, pre-concentration or chromatographic separation. 


Syft instruments deliver a combination of unique analytical attributes as high selectivity, limits of detection in the pptv range, high sample throughput (min to seconds), robustness and ease of use. Our users are enabled to measure significantly more than previously possible, resulting in a greater understanding of their products and control of their processes.

JEOL is a global leader in instrumentation for scientific research and industrial applications, providing innovative technologies and products for mass spectrometry, NMR and electron microscopy. Our new AccuTOF(tm) GC-Alpha GC-MS unit is the only high-resolution mass spectrometer (R>30,000) that combines GCxGC with high-resolution MS and a choice of EI, CI, PI and FI ion sources. The TQ4000GC/Triple Quadrupole MS system provides unparalleled speed and accuracy for quantitative analysis trace compounds such as pesticides, while the Q1600 GC Quadrupole MS is a routine benchtop GC-MS system with multiple ion sources and direct probe options. AccuTOF(tm)-DART(r) MS is an Ambient Ionization Toolbox(tm) that introduced ambient ionization with the pioneering DART ion source. MALDI Imaging SpiralTOF, high resolution mass spectra are acquired for the entire image, and high resolution data acquired even for non-flat samples.


"Are you doing research in analytical chemistry, mass spectrometry, proteomics, or sensors?

ACS Publications' commitment to publishing high-quality research continues to attract impactful publications from top authors around the globe. ACS Publications journals include a suite of titles that publish articles across the field of measurement science, including Analytical Chemistry, the Journal of Proteome Research and the Journal of the American Society for Mass Spectrometry.

Visit our dedicated hub to familiarize yourself with these journals, to learn more about the content that they publish, and their editorial teams."

For more information, please visit https://axial.acs.org/measurement-science
Royal DSM is a global, purpose-led company in Health, Nutrition & Bioscience, applying science to improve the health of people, animals and the planet. DSM’s purpose is to create brighter lives for all. DSM’s products and solutions address some of the world’s biggest challenges while simultaneously creating economic, environmental and societal value for all its stakeholders - customers, employees, shareholders, and society at large. DSM and its associated companies employ approximately 23,000 people around the world and deliver annual net sales of about €10 billion.

For more information, please visit https://www.dsm.com/corporate/home.html

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