Prof. Connie Jimenez

Connie Jimenez

Connie Jimenez is Full Professor of Translational OncoProteomics, Group Leader of the OncoProteomics Laboratory and Director of Proteomics Core Facility, all at Amsterdam University Medical Center, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. She has been working on biological and biomedical applications of mass spectrometry and proteomics since her PhD studies. She pioneered single cell neuropeptide profiling by mass spectrometry at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam (PhD, 1997) and neuroproteomics during her post-doc projects at UCSF, San Francisco and Vrije Universiteit. In 2006, she founded the OncoProteomics Laboratory with a start-up grant of the Cancer Center Amsterdam. Her lab’s mission is to apply innovative mass spectrometry-based (phospho)proteomics and data analysis to improve (early) diagnostics and treatment of cancer and neurodegenerate disease ( ). Since its foundation, the OPL has acquired a strong reputation as clinical proteomics center. Underscoring her (inter)national esteem, Dr Jimenez is founder and steering group member of the Netherlands Proteomics Platform, general council member and elected Vice-President of the European Proteomics Association (2005- present and 2021-2023), elected HUPO council member (2013-2016), and co-chair of the Cancer Initiative of the HUPO (2014- present). Furthermore, she is editorial board member of multiple proteomics journals including MCP.